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About Us

Insurance Designed for the Cannabis Industry

Our Approach

“Our mission is to be the number one insurance brokerage in the world that educates, advises and helps out cannabis related operations. This is to be done by going above and beyond our client’s expectations while supporting them in the claims process”

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Our Approach

Our Story

Our Story

“Our professionals have been in the commercial insurance industry for quite sometime. We have worked with countless business owners and hundreds of industries. From “mom and pop” stores to corporate conglomerates and LLC’s to sole props.

We are advisors, not agents. An agent lets you choose your coverage and is nowhere to be found in the claims process. A true advisor educates the client and directs them towards the right coverage and backs them in a claim.

What makes us different in this industry is our passion to be an advisor and have S2S Insurance Services be a valuable resource to your cannabis operation!”

Meet the Team

Be bring decades of experience and all manner of exposure to businesses large and small.  From owning our own operations, to consulting work, we know what companies are looking for and we get to what's important quickly.  We are also the life of any party.  Nothing says a good time like "I work in insurance.."


JJ Pay

Founder & President

When JJ isn't advising clients, he's visiting projects and working on specialized coverage.  In his off time he enjoys his family and supporting the movement.


Jeff Kleid

CFO & Program Manager

Mr. Kleid is trying to set the world record for the most business projects to run concurrently.  We wish him luck.


Justin Fowler, MBA


When not getting punched in the face at Muay Thai practice, Justin likes to learn things like programming languages, just for fun.

Next Steps...

Contact us today to learn more about how we protect your business.  We offer sound advice and are product agnostic.  You will enjoy working with us.