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Insurance Designed for the Cannabis Industry

Crop Coverage

If you have been insured for crop coverage, this isn’t the same thing you have had on other plants. Usually crop coverage in the insurance industry is backed by a form of federal insurance coverage, but we all know they won’t back this type of grow. We are almost exclusively the only avenue to get true cannabis…
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Product Liability

How does it work? In the event of a consumer having an unwanted reaction and bringing litigation towards the party responsible, this coverage will help protect any final monetary judgement and your duty to defend, meaning attorney/court fees along with the cost of removing a product off the market place. Let’s look at this from…
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Employment Practices Liability

In addition to being held responsible for employees injuries, employers can also be sued for discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, and a host of other causes (depending on your state.)  These types of lawsuits are becoming more common and typically spike in periods of economic downturn. The average settlement cost for lawsuits in this bracket are…
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Workers Compensation

If you have built your business up to the point where you need extra help, congratulations!  You now get to be an employer.  There are additional duties and responsibilities that come along with bringing people onboard your organization.  In addition to wages and benefits, you need to calculate the cost of payroll taxes (depending on…
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Homeowners Coverage

One of the biggest assets you’ll own is your home and one of the standards in insurance is homeowners insurance. But did you know that having cannabis near your home canbe a problem? If you have a growing operation in your house or on your land,your insurance company could get out of paying you a…
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Governmental Action

Here at S2S Insurance Services, we proudly say thank you to our local law enforcement officers that put their life on the line every day for us all. We also say a very special thank you to the well educated departments and officers that help protect the cannabis industry and help endorse the growers.We have…
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General Liability

General Liability This is where insurance starts. General liability to be basic, is about litigation. Protecting your company from many forms like slips and falls to property damage. This will be the first thing mentioned in a policy and contains some of your biggest coverage. We live in a litigious age where everyone sues everyone…
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Transportation Coverage

One of the biggest risks comes when moving your product or moving other company’s products around the world. When accidents, theft, and other losses occur, it can be hard for a company to recover. Covering not just the cargo is key but the employe eand the mode of transportation can also be costly. In the…
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Here at S2S Insurance Services, we recognize the industry’s need for an array of skilled contractors. The amount of contractors used in the cannabis industry is vast and full of great connections. Not only can S2S help insure your contracting company with commercial liability, workers comp, or commercial auto. We can recommend your services to…
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