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Crop Coverage

Insurance Designed for the Cannabis Industry

Crop Coverage

If you have been insured for crop coverage, this isn’t the same thing you have had on other plants. Usually crop coverage in the insurance industry is backed by a form of federal insurance coverage, but we all know they won’t back this type of grow. We are almost exclusively the only avenue to get true cannabis crop coverage and we even go a step further by evaluating each strain. If you think you have the proper crop coverage already, we would recommend you have a S2S advisor look it over for you!

How does this work?

Here at S2S Insurance Services, we evaluate each stage of growing operation and define the value, with the clients help, of each type of plant and stage of plant.Recognizing some strains cost more than others and the value of that strain in blooming vs young clone or seedling. In the event of a loss,  we can accurately reimburse you for what your operation loses. If you are wondering what it’s covered against, read some of our other blogs on coverages like government action reimbursement, standard perils, theft and so on. Or simply give us a call and see what coverage you can get!