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General Liability

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General Liability

General Liability

This is where insurance starts. General liability to be basic, is about litigation. Protecting your company from many forms like slips and falls to property damage. This will be the first thing mentioned in a policy and contains some of your biggest coverage. We live in a litigious age where everyone sues everyone and this coverage protects your company from suffering too heavy a loss to recover from because someone or something got injured. Making sure this coverage is accurate, is a critical need for your company and having S2S on your side helps solve that issue.

Whats covered?

This is where you find coverage for a client slipping and injuring themselves on your property. Here will be medical bills to pay and then possible litigation. There’s Attorney and Court fees and a possible settlement. Things add up quickly and that’s why General liability is a necessity. Another scenario is at vendor shows or other people’s property. Maybe you or your employee accidently create some property loss of others or injure someone. General liability will follow you there and help cover these losses to others and your business. And finally under General Liability, comes product Liability and Completed Operations coverage. This can be your biggest risk when creating a product or simply handling one. Refer to our blog on Product Liability and the protection it covers from consumer litigation.

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