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Governmental Action

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Governmental Action

Here at S2S Insurance Services, we proudly say thank you to our local law enforcement officers that put their life on the line every day for us all. We also say a very special thank you to the well educated departments and officers that help protect the cannabis industry and help endorse the growers.We have found that a majority of law enforcement officers are glad to see legal operations define themselves from the illegal ones. That helps our local law enforcement agencies target the criminal element that is sometimes associated with marijuana businesses. Unfortunately, there are still many agencies,officers, and judges that feel there is criminal activity in the fully compliant and legal operations and deem it necessary to take action. This action comes in many forms, but in the end, it’s always a loss of time and money for your company. Let us help and get your business back up and running with Government Action Reimbursement Coverage.

How does the coverage work?

In the event of local law enforcement, whether DEA, Sheriff, Police or other agencies raid your operation, we can file a claim and get you reimbursed. How? Well, as long as there are no charges found to be proven, meaning the operation is deemed not guilty, this now qualifies as a covered loss. Our insurance carriers understand the necessity of this coverage in order to keep our clients up and running.

What exactly is covered?

Things that cost your business a lot of money to be blunt. When a raid is performed on your operation, it immediately creates a loss. They cease operations, take your funds, product, sometimes machinery, and even your future income. We can cover this loss and future loss of your attorney, court fees, and what your operation should be making every day you were down or semi operational.

Covered losses

  • Property damage
  • Crops
  • Business income
  • Money and Securities
  • Attorney/Court costs

How do you get reimbursed?

Just be found not guilty and have your lawyer request your product and money to be returned. If they deny you a return or only return the partial amount, we reimburse you for the rest. Also note, that aged marijuana products can be still be used in the market for pets and other needs so it is not technically a full loss when receiving aged, but decent product back from the authorities. In the end, your carrier rights you a check for your losses and gets back up and running as soon as possible, because keep in mind, we lose a client when you go down!

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