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Transportation Coverage

Insurance Designed for the Cannabis Industry

Transportation Coverage

One of the biggest risks comes when moving your product or moving other company’s products around the world. When accidents, theft, and other losses occur, it can be hard for a company to recover. Covering not just the cargo is key but the employe eand the mode of transportation can also be costly. In the Cannabis industry we also recognize the illegality of crossing state lines and transporting across aggressive counties. Here at S2S Insurance Services, we can help direct you toward the proper coverage for these issues in transportation. And if you thought this was an average Inland Marine Policy, you thought wrong! S2S always goes a step further.

How does the coverage work?

There is
specifically designed coverage to cover the cannabis stock from the source to
the buyer while being insured along the whole way. This is called Stock
Throughput Insurance and covers cannabis risks. There is also Hired and
Nonowned automobile coverage to cover the loss of the vehicle or vehicles. We
include this coverage with your general liability and/or business owners policy
to help cover all losses from a major accident. Please see our blog on General
liability for full details.

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